The materials used

Any request for special transport equipment is carefully evaluated by our technical team which designs and builds the best solution with the aid of suitable software.

The machinery for the construction of our flight case are designed and manufactured at our specific request, and in consideration of our specifications.

Our houses are made with birch plywood of various thickness depending on the degree of resistance required and covered with laminates. The processes of production of sheets of plywood in birch allow rigidity and durability ten times the common wood plywood on the market.
In addition, our flight cases, can be of Light. These, are made with polymeric materials, of low specific weight and good strength, chosen according to the results of our research.

The resulting advantage is to save money during transport, especially air and land, in which the component weight has a major impact.

For assembly using aluminum profiles, fasteners and handles recessed in the best quality. Is our continuous search for new materials on the world market. Handles, locks the cantonal, etc. in particular types of transport, such as that naval and food / health care can be provided in stainless steel.


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